NBC is NEXBIT Coin Ecosystem's Native Coin, Payment and more.


  • Name: NEXBIT Coin
  • Ticker: NBC
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Blockchain: PoW/PoS
  • POW Reward : 500 Coins (Completed)
  • POS Reward : 250 Coins

NEXBIT Chain Products

We using powerfull own blockchain nexbit products.


It is a exchange build platform

  • Fully Customized Design
  • Open-Source Saas
  • Secure, Stable and Easily Scalable
  • Easy to Customize
  • Infrastructure as Code


It is a DApp platform

  • High Performance nEXApp, dApp
  • Trading on the Go
  • Optimised for Smartphones
  • Advanced UI
  • Seamless Integration

Nexbit Blockchain Network

Welcome to the Nexbit Blockchain project. This is the main blockchain network where the futures will be build.

Smart Contracts

Compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which allows Solidity based smart contracts.

Decentralized Governance Protocol

Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP) is planning to implement.

Proof of Stake

A Proof of Stake consensus is Nexbit's contract model. Any user can stake and help to secure the network. There is no minimum amount required.

UTXO Model

Uses the UTXO transaction model and is compatible with Bitcoin.

Most Powerful Blockchain

POS's Protocol Structures

  • Impossible to counterfeit a block.
  • Big players do not get dis proportionally bigger rewards.
  • More computing power is not useful for creating blocks.
  • No one member of the network can control the entire blockchain.

Staking Transaction

  • The staking transaction must be the second transaction in the block.
  • Block time in 16 second.
  • Signature stored in the block must be Low S.
  • Most other rules for standard PoW blocks apply.

Proof of Stake Kernel Hash

  • Timestamp from “prevout” transaction.
  • The hash of the prevout transaction.
  • The output number of the prevout.
  • Current block time with the bottom 4 bits set to 0 to reduce granularity.

Fully Managed and Powerful Blockchain

NEXBIT we have decided to build upon Proof of Stake Version 3, an improvement over version 2 that was also made by Pavel Vasin.

Proof of Stake was invented to solve many of these problems by allowing participants to create and mine new blocks (and thus also get a block reward), Simply by holding onto coins in their wallet and allowing their wallet to do automatic staking.

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Unlimited Trade


24/7 Live Support

High Performance Processors

High Speed API

Modern Datacenter

Low Fee

Ticket Support

Wallet Ecosystem

Support for Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, Hardware Wallet, Web and Other Clients.










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